Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picky Sticky's

What a funny name right? But these things are awesome!
A girlfriend from church gave me these as a gift right after Nyla was born. She has a son who is about 2 months older and she got them as a baby shower gift and just loved them; she had to get some for us. I'm so glad she did! They've been one of the best gifts.

If you notice to the right of this blog all Nyla's montly pictures. That sticker thing in the middle of her chest are the picky sticky's. They're stick on numbered things (they're reusable) to take monthly pictures of your sweet baby. After I used them with Nyla I put them back on their sticky paper and I'm glad I did since we're having another girl and will be able to use them again.
I've had so many people ask if I got a special onsie made for her each month. Heck no, too expensive! These run about $15 for the pack which is great considering it would cost you $15 or more for a specially made onsie!
Here's the link to these awesome stickers. They have a good variety for girls and boys.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun at the pool

It's been a hot one in Memphis this year, blech! It's not ideal for a pregnant woman like myself but I manage. I'm so thankful for air conditioner and the fact that I don't have to get out in the heat unless I want to. Ny and I like getting out but we run our errands first thing in the morning if we can help it. This way we can rest from the heat in the afternoon.

How do we cool off you ask? Thankfully my MIL has a pool that we can go to anytime we want. It's pretty hard going by myself so I usually reserve it for Saturday mornings or early afternoon so Daniel can go and help.
Here are some pictures of Nyla by the pool!

Nyla riding the float while Dada pushes

Bucket head!

Queen Bee loves her float!

Playing away

Stay cool friends!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Money in the Drawer

I go to open one of my kitchen drawers yesterday and what do I see? Nyla's money from her play purse. I laughed when I saw it! Who wouldn't? Her new thing lately is putting her toys in drawers, bags, whatever is open and she can reach.
So for her money she stood on her tip toes and dropped this in, I guess anyways. I didn't see her do it, but I've been finding her toys in my drawers. She loves playing in my cabinets and I think it's funny. Our kitchen isn't baby proofed; I just took all the chemicals that were under the sink and moved them into our bathroom closet and the hall closet, up high so she couldn't get to them. I didn't feel like I needed to baby proof and there's nothing really I mind her playing with. She usually goes for the plastic storage container cabinet and proceeds to dump its belongings all over the floor. But that's how it goes with a toddler in the house.
Thought I'd share this picture with you. It just made me laugh. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Week Behind Us

Dear friends, Friday is upon us, and that means the week is over. So let's have a look back at what happened this week.

Monday: It was hot, but we needed a few things from the grocery store and a little gas in G's car.

Tuesday: It was hot. Nyla tried whole milk for the first time. She really took it without much trouble, so long as the milk was warmed up a little. Unfortunately, her nose began running, and we wondered if we were destined for another trip to the doctor.

Wednesday: It was hotter. The nose faucet was in the "on" position for our poor girl all day. She did well with the milk again, expected since her Mom and Dad enjoy all things milk.

Thursday: The runny nose was gone but replaced with a stuffy one. This didn't deter our sweet girl from saying, "Thank you" to Mom when giving her food. Mom went to see that stupid dumb ridiculous hyped-up money-making wizard movie with her mom in the afternoon. That meant Daddy was in charge. We had fun together, except when Daddy banged clobbered his toe on our little coffee table, turning his poor little pinkie piggy all shades of purple. Apparently it's broken. Yay. It also rained in the evening, much to the yard's and plants' approval.

Friday: G and N went to the mall with G's mom for a bit to cruise and get out of the house. Me? I'm waiting for 3:00 to come and weekend to start.

So there you have it. The week in a nutshell.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Professional Family Pictures

Back in late May we got some family pictures taken by the photographer who did our wedding. It was such a great experience! He just does such an amazing job! Check out his site for details.

Anyways, we went to Memphis Memorial Gardens on Poplar at 1-240. I had never been there and thought it odd to take pictures at a cemetery, but it's a really beautiful place. It has so many places to take great pictures and even better Nyla did great. She wasn't quite walking yet but pulling up and walking holding onto things. Scott said it was the youngest child he'd ever taken pictures of, but she's such a good baby! We took pictures for about an hour and thankfully it wasn't brutally hot out (this pregnant woman was thankful). I think it helped Nyla also to have had a 4 oz bottle and a nap on the way there. I'm glad she did otherwise she may have not done as well, but she did so no problem.

Okay, enough talking. Here's a few pictures from our picture day. Enjoy!

Teeth... Why Did It Have to be Teeth?

(Ok, I realize that only about 5% of you will get that quote and what movie it is based on, but it is one of my favorites, and it pertains well to the subject, so you get what you get, and I'm trying to see how many additional independent clauses I can add to this opening sentence, even though I put this in parentheses, so is it truly the opening sentence, but enough of this foolishness!)

I like teeth. They let me chew my food. They serve a very important function for me. My baby girl needs teeth, too. They help her chew her food and be able to eat delicious foods. Unfortunately, babies are not born with teeth. Even more unfortunate, the process of getting teeth can be quite painful for babies. Such is the case for us right now. Our sweet baby girl is getting teeth, and lots of them! I think right now the count stands at 8 that have popped through, with another 2 (molars!) beginning to make their presence known. Over the few weeks, at least twice that I can remember we have been awakened around 1am to the sound of our baby girl shrieking in discomfort. Fortunately, a little TLC usually does the trick and gets her back to sleep.

While we're on the subject of teething, why do so many websites/experts talk about teeth "erupting"? How awful does that sound? They don't explode. They don't have stuff oozing out/spewing things into the air. I mean I guess they erupt from the gums, but that sounds violent. Volcanoes erupt. Riots erupt. Teeth? Whatever. I'm not the expert making up all these terms. (Though I think I really ought to be on that committee.)

So anyway, teeth, you can make our little girl uncomfortable sometimes, but you are necessary, and without you, we'd talk funny and eat tapioca pudding all day.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Been a Year...

On this date, one year ago, we welcomed the biggest blessing into our lives, as our sweet (and giant) baby was born. As I think about that day and how amazingly special it was, there is one moment that I think about most often.

The doctor had just extricated our 9 lbs, 8 oz baby from G's belly, and the nurses brought her over to the station where they clean her and do all that they do. And having spent the last 39 weeks inside a nice, warm, mostly dark cave, being thrust into a cold, brightly-lit room with all of these strange sounds was not the most ideal scenario for our girl. She began to fuss and cry, as newborns are prone to do. Standing there, looking at her, and just itching to hold her, I simply said, "Hi, Nyla."

Immediately. And I do mean immediately... she stopped crying. And turned her head. And looked at me. At that moment, if she had asked me for a private island, it would have been hers. As if "Dada" wasn't wrapped around her little finger enough, she took it to the next level. After they swaddled her up, they passed her to me. To me. It's hard to describe, but that's when everything became real. That I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Since that day one year ago, we have been on a roller coaster ride, with ups, downs, and loop-the-loops - but mostly ups. Watching Ny grow and develop is amazing. I remember her first smile, her first giggles, and, most importantly, the first time she said, "Dada." I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there is no greater responsibility than bringing and then raising up new life into this world, BUT there is no greater blessing and joy as well. The closest thing to God's unconditional love is the love parents have for children. I have learned that this year.

And when I get home today from work and walk in that door, that little girl that turned her head at the sound of my voice one year ago will walk over to me, want me to pick her up, and give me the sweetest open-mouthed, wet kiss in the world.

And I plan on treasuring it today, just like I do every day.