Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picky Sticky's

What a funny name right? But these things are awesome!
A girlfriend from church gave me these as a gift right after Nyla was born. She has a son who is about 2 months older and she got them as a baby shower gift and just loved them; she had to get some for us. I'm so glad she did! They've been one of the best gifts.

If you notice to the right of this blog all Nyla's montly pictures. That sticker thing in the middle of her chest are the picky sticky's. They're stick on numbered things (they're reusable) to take monthly pictures of your sweet baby. After I used them with Nyla I put them back on their sticky paper and I'm glad I did since we're having another girl and will be able to use them again.
I've had so many people ask if I got a special onsie made for her each month. Heck no, too expensive! These run about $15 for the pack which is great considering it would cost you $15 or more for a specially made onsie!
Here's the link to these awesome stickers. They have a good variety for girls and boys.

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