Monday, July 25, 2011

Money in the Drawer

I go to open one of my kitchen drawers yesterday and what do I see? Nyla's money from her play purse. I laughed when I saw it! Who wouldn't? Her new thing lately is putting her toys in drawers, bags, whatever is open and she can reach.
So for her money she stood on her tip toes and dropped this in, I guess anyways. I didn't see her do it, but I've been finding her toys in my drawers. She loves playing in my cabinets and I think it's funny. Our kitchen isn't baby proofed; I just took all the chemicals that were under the sink and moved them into our bathroom closet and the hall closet, up high so she couldn't get to them. I didn't feel like I needed to baby proof and there's nothing really I mind her playing with. She usually goes for the plastic storage container cabinet and proceeds to dump its belongings all over the floor. But that's how it goes with a toddler in the house.
Thought I'd share this picture with you. It just made me laugh. Oh the joys of motherhood!

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