Friday, July 22, 2011

The Week Behind Us

Dear friends, Friday is upon us, and that means the week is over. So let's have a look back at what happened this week.

Monday: It was hot, but we needed a few things from the grocery store and a little gas in G's car.

Tuesday: It was hot. Nyla tried whole milk for the first time. She really took it without much trouble, so long as the milk was warmed up a little. Unfortunately, her nose began running, and we wondered if we were destined for another trip to the doctor.

Wednesday: It was hotter. The nose faucet was in the "on" position for our poor girl all day. She did well with the milk again, expected since her Mom and Dad enjoy all things milk.

Thursday: The runny nose was gone but replaced with a stuffy one. This didn't deter our sweet girl from saying, "Thank you" to Mom when giving her food. Mom went to see that stupid dumb ridiculous hyped-up money-making wizard movie with her mom in the afternoon. That meant Daddy was in charge. We had fun together, except when Daddy banged clobbered his toe on our little coffee table, turning his poor little pinkie piggy all shades of purple. Apparently it's broken. Yay. It also rained in the evening, much to the yard's and plants' approval.

Friday: G and N went to the mall with G's mom for a bit to cruise and get out of the house. Me? I'm waiting for 3:00 to come and weekend to start.

So there you have it. The week in a nutshell.


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