Monday, March 7, 2011


The weather in Memphis the last couple of weeks have been nothing short of a roller coaster. We had more snow Feb 10-11, and by the next week the highs were in the 70's. Momma and Daddy are having a tough time with this up-and-down weather - with sinus issues and sore throats. Thankfully, Nyla seems unaffected by this weather and keeps plodding along as cute as ever.

Nyla has her two bottom teeth starting to pop through. For the most part, she has been a trooper with all of this. There are days where she is clingy and fussy and refuses to play independently for more than 5 minutes, but alas, it is all ok, since we love to snuggle with our girl. She is still waking up once a night - between 3 and 5 - and will take a 6 oz bottle. We're not exactly sure if she really is hungry (because I have seen her sleep acrobatics firsthand - the girl moves a lot!) or if she is being super smart and realizing, "Hey, if I start talking and being noisy, I can get some food." Of course, as my mom told us this weekend, I slept through the night at 6 weeks, did it for a couple of months, and did not do it again... much like our sweet girl. (Ginny scowled at me when my mom told us this.)

Anyway, here are a couple of cell phone pictures from this weekend...
Feet on the table after eating...

Snuggle time with Daddy after her morning nap Saturday