Monday, July 18, 2011

Professional Family Pictures

Back in late May we got some family pictures taken by the photographer who did our wedding. It was such a great experience! He just does such an amazing job! Check out his site for details.

Anyways, we went to Memphis Memorial Gardens on Poplar at 1-240. I had never been there and thought it odd to take pictures at a cemetery, but it's a really beautiful place. It has so many places to take great pictures and even better Nyla did great. She wasn't quite walking yet but pulling up and walking holding onto things. Scott said it was the youngest child he'd ever taken pictures of, but she's such a good baby! We took pictures for about an hour and thankfully it wasn't brutally hot out (this pregnant woman was thankful). I think it helped Nyla also to have had a 4 oz bottle and a nap on the way there. I'm glad she did otherwise she may have not done as well, but she did so no problem.

Okay, enough talking. Here's a few pictures from our picture day. Enjoy!

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