Monday, July 18, 2011

Teeth... Why Did It Have to be Teeth?

(Ok, I realize that only about 5% of you will get that quote and what movie it is based on, but it is one of my favorites, and it pertains well to the subject, so you get what you get, and I'm trying to see how many additional independent clauses I can add to this opening sentence, even though I put this in parentheses, so is it truly the opening sentence, but enough of this foolishness!)

I like teeth. They let me chew my food. They serve a very important function for me. My baby girl needs teeth, too. They help her chew her food and be able to eat delicious foods. Unfortunately, babies are not born with teeth. Even more unfortunate, the process of getting teeth can be quite painful for babies. Such is the case for us right now. Our sweet baby girl is getting teeth, and lots of them! I think right now the count stands at 8 that have popped through, with another 2 (molars!) beginning to make their presence known. Over the few weeks, at least twice that I can remember we have been awakened around 1am to the sound of our baby girl shrieking in discomfort. Fortunately, a little TLC usually does the trick and gets her back to sleep.

While we're on the subject of teething, why do so many websites/experts talk about teeth "erupting"? How awful does that sound? They don't explode. They don't have stuff oozing out/spewing things into the air. I mean I guess they erupt from the gums, but that sounds violent. Volcanoes erupt. Riots erupt. Teeth? Whatever. I'm not the expert making up all these terms. (Though I think I really ought to be on that committee.)

So anyway, teeth, you can make our little girl uncomfortable sometimes, but you are necessary, and without you, we'd talk funny and eat tapioca pudding all day.



  1. i like this one daniel...i also don't know what you are talking about the teeth movie but I thought about Indiana Jones saying "snakes, why did it have to be snakes?" or was it asps? Oh well...wanted to say that there is another teeth experience in your future most now for them.

  2. It is Indiana Jones that he's talking about. It's his favorite!