Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Comfy Chairs and Love

Last night my Hubby wrote the sweetest blog about our baby girl. Yes, it brought me to tears as most of his blogs about our life together usually do. Read on and be reminded of our loving God's great love for us.

Here's the post:

Every once in a while we need reminders and perspective on the preciousness and value of love. Tonight was my reminder.

You see, our sweet daughter has been undergoing a barrage of teething the last few months. Not just any teething mind you, but the dreaded molars - the big ones - have been popping through. For whatever reason, the last one-year molar is soooooo close to erupting, which, by the way, might be the worst term ever for a tooth coming in, but has yet to break the surface.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Stylin' in My Shades

Hehe. She's so much fun.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with Naomi

Greeting, readers, and welcome back to the blog. If you remember from last year, I conducted an interview with our sweet Ny. Not wanting to show bias toward one kid over another, I thought it best to sit down, put on the mental telepathy helmet, and find out what is happening with our sweet #2.

DCG: Naomi, thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I hope you're ready to answer some questions.
NCG: Sure thing, Dad. Let's get to it!
DCG: Great. Ok, first question. What's it like in there?
NCG: Fairly dark, cozy, but a little hot.
DCG: You think it's hot in there? Try being in the real world. It's been 100 degrees for 6 years.
NCG: What's a year?
DCG: Never mind. Next question, what's the one thing you hear the most from the outside world?
NCG: "NYLA, NO!" And then crying.
DCG: I can certainly understand that. Your big sister is into anything and everything. Speaking of a big sister, what are you looking forward to doing with Nyla?
NCG: Borrowing your money.
DCG: Um...
NCG: ... and the car.
DCG: What...
NCG: ... and playing sports.
DCG: That's more like it. We'll discuss the first two when you're older. Any concerns with Nyla being older than you?
NCG: Only how upset she gets when I beat in HORSE...
DCG: Layin' the smack talk early. I like it.
NCG: ... after we knock you out first.
DCG: That won't happen. Speaking of sports, your thoughts on the NBA lockout?
NCG: Bad timing for the Grizzlies. They had a lot of momentum that got halted because no one can agree how to split hundreds of millions of dollars.
DCG: Solid answer. You've listened well. Now I have to ask, do you want to be a big sister?
NCG: Isn't it a little early to be asking that?
DCG: Yeah, well, you'll only be 15 and a half months younger than Nyla, so...
NCG:: I don't even know want to know, Dad.
DCG: Ok, so is that a no?
NCG: I don't have much say in that, do I?
DCG: Fair point. We'll just move on awkwardly. So, any idea who you look like?
NCG: Yeah, let me get the mirror out and see...
DCG: Is that sarcasm I detect?
NCG: Let me get my dictionary out to see what that means.
DCG: Why is it that my interviews with my girls always end up like this?
NCG: Because we have your genes, Dad.
DCG: That you do, Naomi. That you do. Well, thanks for the interview. I look forward to holding you in November.
NCG: Thanks, Dad. Tell Nyla to keep rubbing Momma's belly. I like it.
DCG: Will do.

Have a great day.