Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Month is Upon Us

July 1. Half the year, calendar-wise, is over. Has time flown by for you? I wouldn't say it has for me. It's gone by at a nice, leisurely pace. With the month of July ahead of us, it is now crunch time for Little Giant Baby Nyla. She is 18 days away from her due date. Wow. In a way, it seems like yesterday we found out Ginny had another person growing inside her. At the same time, it seems like that was 9 months ago. (It was.)

Today was Ginny's regular, weekly checkup with her regular doctor. Regular checkups are ok at this point, given last week we were in and out of doctors' offices. The report? No change in dilation. No effacing, at least not enough that we were told about it. But Little Giant Baby Nyla is now head-down. This is a good thing. Ginny's belly continues to measure about 2 weeks ahead, so the nickname we gave her works.

That leads us to the bigger news. July 18th, in the evening, we will make our trip to the hospital, at which point the nurses will do whatever it is they do down there to encourage Nyla to make her grand debut on July 19th, her actual due date. Of course, now that we have set up an official date for her to come, she will probably decide at 2am on Wednesday the 14th to want to see us. Not that I'm going to complain, however. I'm ready to see my little girl and hold her in my arms!

I hope to post some pictures of her room this long weekend. Hopefully G and I can coordinate that and get some pics to share. No promises, though! Little Giant Baby Nyla could throw a wrench into everything!


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