Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Week, New News

In this case, the title implies good news. No, this update is not coming from the hospital, although if it were, Little Giant Baby Nyla would have arrived already, because there's no way I would blog while Ginny was in labor, despite the fact that I really think it would be fun to do. (By the way, I think that last sentence was not a run-on. Grammar folks, let me know.) Anyway, Ginny has had a good weekend. Despite an episode Friday night, she slept well and had an almost pain-free Saturday. She had no terrible pain, just some dull pain here and there. Last night was a bit uncomfortable for her with some hip/leg pain, but nothing remotely close to earlier in the week. Today? Another good day, so I think this means she's turned a corner. Perhaps it really was the UTI giving her terrible pain all along, since she finishes her antibiotics tonight. Still, she has another appointment with the physical therapist tomorrow, where she'll get her hip worked on again. Thursday afternoon is a regular appointment with her usual doctor, at which point Ginny will pretty much tell the doctor that Little Giant Baby Nyla has to come out whether she wants to or not. Then again, Nyla may decide tomorrow that she would love to see the world. In either case, I cannot wait to hold her.

Today, our wonderful church family threw the final shower for our soon-to-be family of three. Let me tell you, we are extremely blessed that we have had four showers and Nyla has gotten a lot of stuff. Nyla has gotten a number of outfits, bottles, diapers, towels, and many other items that babies need. Hopefully soon we will post some pictures of her room, since all of her stuff is more or less here now.

That is all for now. We're praying Ginny continues to feel good, and that Little Giant Baby Nyla will come soon, strong, cute, and healthy!


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