Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby's Bedroom Bonanza

Well, dear readers, it's a week overdue, but finally the time has come to show off the beautiful room for our still lazy, stubborn baking Baby Nyla. Since I feel like this room could be featured at the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right, I'll need to get my announcer voice ready to go. Give me just a minute...

(Clearing throat...)

We start our tour of the beautiful baby's room with pictures of these... LOVELY modes of transportation! The bus, car, truck, and train all look quite cute with their vibrant colors and lettering.

As we progess around the wall, we stop and admire this... CUTE bow holder. This lovely canvas is dotted with circles and highlighted by this fantastic letter N. Five custom-cut ribbons provide support for all the hair bows your little girl could EVER need.

Immediately below the bow holder, we find this... LUXURIOUS glider! The neutral color allows for colors around the room to stand out and brighten your day. The comfort of this glider is perfect for those 3am crying and feeding times. The curtains are hand-made from a blanket, and the stuffed animals bask in the warmth from the double window. The window seat will see plenty of action when your little girl begins reading.

What room would be complete without... THIS HUGE WALK-IN closet?! Yes, your little girl will have hundreds of outfits to wear for all seasons, and you can find them all easily with the wire shelving and baby coat hangers.

And what sort of baby room would it be without... THIS SPECTACULAR crib?! Assembled by the loving hands of Daniel, this crib is sturdy and will provide hours of sleeping for your little one. The hand-made bedding brightens the room and lets everyone know that a cute little girl sleeps 20 hours a day in there.

To sparkle the wall over the crib, we've added these... ADORABLE pictures! Hand-painted flowers by Ginny bookend this beautiful centerpiece of colorful lines and boxes with a cursive "Nyla" in the middle.

Lastly, your giant baby needs clothes to wear as she leaves the hospital. That's why you'll love... THESE PRECIOUS outfits! Already worn before by Ginny and her sister, these outfits are precious and tell everyone that your little bundle of joy is coming home from the hospital to begin the rest of your lives as a family of (for the next few years) 3!

All of these items can be yours if YOU'RE having a BABY in 9 days and live in our house!

(Clears throat)

Phew! That game show announcer voice stretches my voicebox to the limit. I think I need a Hawaiian punch 5-calorie drink mix. That is all for now, contestants friends and family. Remember to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered!

Have a good weekend!


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  1. The room is ADORABLE! I love all the hand-painted, handmade stuff, especially the paintings!