Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes Pregnancy is a Pain in the Back

The one thing I am sure of is that this is Friday. Two of the things I have learned to be thankful for (or additionally thankful for) are a) the opportunity to work from home; and b) bosses who are very understanding of personal situations. I am also thankful for the nice lady with AT&T DSL Support who finally was able to solve our lack of DSL problem before I became a permanent wi-fi thief switched to that other internet provider. In actuality, today has been a series of small victories at Casa Gafforda.

Yesterday was another painful day for my beloved bride. She had some serious pain from 4:30 to 8:00 in the morning. That prompted her to make an appointment with her doctor. Her regular doctor is out of town, the one we saw in the hospital and on Tuesday was not in the office, so we saw another doctor in the practice (tip for all those who want to become moms: pick a practice with several doctors, because it makes a big difference). The absent doctors turned out to be a blessing. The doctor we saw did the examination (no change, a "generous" 2 cm dilated). Ginny began describing the pain, and the doctor said, "Hold on a minute, let me call my son who's a physical therapist." Well, 15 minutes later we were off to his office. Around 3:30, he got around to Ginny and spent some time talking with her and figuring out her pain. As it turns out, her left hip is, for lack of better terms, slightly twisted and turned up. I'm sure there's a better phrase, but I'm just a blogger. Anyway, he did a few stretches and massaged her hip area. She immediately felt better. She still had another bad episode later in the evening, but she had a pain-free night of sleep. Today has been the best day out of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Her pain spells, generally speaking, have been shorter and not as intense (although as I type this she is going through a pretty rough one). As a spectator, I feel absolutely helpless knowing I cannot make her pain go away. She just has to ride it out.

We have another physical therapy appointment Monday, so we'll get some more stretches and exercises she can do. We also see her regular doctor Thursday, at which point Ginny will beg, plead, and attempt to get Little Giant Baby Nyla out as soon as possible. Until then, she'll fight through the pain; I'll attempt to be the best massuse in the world; and Little Giant Baby will probably just sit there, not wanting to move.


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