Sunday, December 5, 2010

19 weeks and 20 weeks pictures

Yes, I'm 2 weeks late on 19 weeks pictures and 1 on 20 weeks pictures! So sorry! It's crazy hard keeping house, 2 blogs and a baby all at the same time. Where does my week go???

We had a great 1st Thanksgiving with Nyla. She did awesome at the 2 places we went. 2 great naps before each event helped tremendously! We usually go to a 3rd event, but she goes to bed at 7:30 and she was completely exhausted, so we weren't about to do that to her. We planned on not going beforehand, but just seeing her tired face at the end of the day made us feel better about our decision.
It's crazy to think that last Thanksgiving I was about 5 weeks pregnant with her and now she's 4.5 months. Wow! Amazing!
These 19 week pictures are two days before Thanksgiving. Her onsie says "Baby's 1st Thanksgiving." So sweet!

Happy girl!

Girl loves her bed!

And here are her 20 weeks pictures. She's growing like a weed. Next Monday she'll be 5 months. This momma is going to cry! Time with our sweet one is flying by. I'm truly trying to enjoy every minute with her, every new thing she figures out and just being a mommy to our sweet angel.

She loves tucking her bottom lip up under her top. She's been doing this since birth, but she could be teething. I keep feeling for something, but there's nothing there... yet!

Sweet baby!

Her little cute scream thing has changed in the past week. She loves hearing herself, we think that's why she does it so much. It's hilarious.
She's also found her feet and is bringing them toward her mouth. She's been trying to grab them for a couple of weeks but has finally grabbed on and can hold on. It's become very interesting to change her diapers since she doesn't want to let go of her sweet feet.
And of course her giggles. Life doesn't get much better than that listening to them, having her smile at you and talking. She's started to grab our faces when we hold her close, it is precious. Ah, I love this baby!

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