Sunday, October 31, 2010

Butterfly Sighting

Our sweet baby girl was a butterfly for her first Halloween!
We, of course, loved dressing her up for the occasion and she didn't mind too much either.
She was a beautiful butterfly!

Beautiful baby girl!

She's checking out the cute baby in the mirror.

Okay, this costume isn't too bad!

She was also a trooper and went to her first party on Saturday night. We go to one every year and have a costume contest and we dressed up around her (since there aren't too many choices for baby costumes that don't cost an arm and a leg). We were caterpillars to her butterfly! It couldn't have been cuter!

My mom and I were at the mall about a month ago and found that butterfly costume and I fell in love with it, it was so sweet! Before we bought it we talked about what Daniel and I could go as. And we decided on caterpillars.

We're not into spending $50 per costume. 1. we don't have the money and 2. we just don't think it's necessary, so we figured we could make them. And we did! We bought black sweat pants and a black zip-up, hooded jacket, lime green felt from Hobby Lobby (4, 8x11 pieces for $1, you can't beat that!) and I cut them into feet, a pack of pipe cleaners and we cut up 1 lime green per person (we'll donate the rest to our children's ministry at church), and a pink boa for me and a blue one for Daniel. My mom stitched all these on our costume and we were instant caterpillars. And a great thing, she stitched them on with one stitch, so they'll pop right off, so we can wear the sweat suits around the house, making them even more practical! I think our two costumes were probably about $25 total and Nyla's was $22.50 (and my mom's a sport and bought that), so all I paid for was our stuff. You can't beat $25 for two costumes!!!

We had a great first Halloween as a family of 3!

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