Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 weeks and rolling over!

These are a few days late, sorry!

We've had a bit of a rough week in our house, but we're doing fine now.

Baby girl turned 15 weeks on Tuesday! She is happy about celebrating her first Halloween. Her shirt says "Daddy's under my spell." We all know that's true and he'll even admit that. Her sweet Gigi (D's momma) gave her this outfit awhile ago and I was so excited about her wearing it. I made sure it was clean to wear on Halloween too and she did. It is so sweet.

Happy girl!

Momma, what are you doing?

Praying daddy will give me some candy! :)

And in other exciting news, she is rolling over now! When D came home on Tuesday we were waking her up from her afternoon nap and she rolled over (back to belly) not long after she woke up. It was so exciting in our house! For about 3 weeks she's been getting up on her side, but not making it over but she finally did this week. I was glad Daniel was home too so he could experience that for the first time with me. This is her after picture!

Another after rolling picture!

We love our roly poly!!! And she's been rolling a bunch ever since. It's very exciting to watch her grow and see what she does. She is changing so much, so quick. It's really exciting!

Stay tuned for her Halloween costume!

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