Saturday, August 14, 2010

I See The Resemblance

Now that G and I have a month of parenthood under our belts, we have begun noticing the cute little quirks of sweet little giant baby. Along with her looks, these quirks remind us of each other or family. With that said, let's take an in-depth look at who Sweet Girl takes after.

Hair: Dad - Now I have to make a small note here. I actually had blonde hair as a toddler, until it turned dark. Still, the dark hair is a trademark of my mom's side, a quite dominant trademark at that.

Eyes: Dad - Since babies' eyes are always blue for the first few months, we don't know what color they will be. The shape, however, is all me. As for what color her eyes will be, her options are brown and blue. Again, brown dominate my mom's side, but blue eyes are predominant on both my dad's side and Ginny's dad's side. I think people are secretly hoping for blue eyes, because dark hair and blue eyes would make a striking combination, which would make her even prettier. On a related note, I'm going to buy an aluminum bat to go with the wooden one I'm going to get to keep those boys at bay.

Nose: Push - Don't all babies have the same nose at first? The jury, to me, is still out on this one.

Mouth: Mom - No upper lip. Small bottom lip. Yep, that's Mom. It's funny how the nose in the dividing line between Mom and Dad, but it really is. Her mouth is Ginny's mouth.

Chin: Mom - All you really need to know is that when I showed Ginny's sister the first picture after Nyla was born, she said, "Um, that's Ginny's chin." Yep.

Length: Mom - At 23 inches long, Little Girl is just already 33% of my height (I'm 5' 9"). I'm guessing she is going to pass me by age 13 and will be blocking my shot in basketball by 10.

Well those are the appearance resemblances. Let's move to some other quirks that my daughter has and who she takes after.

Squeaky toy noises while sleeping: Dad, apparently - I cannot confirm or deny this, since I am asleep. But G says I talk in my sleep as well as make little moans and, well, squeaks. Much like Nyla does. She can be so noisy that we have to check and make sure she hasn't woken herself up.

Eating habits: Push - Apparently Ginny's dad and I both are loud eaters, and, to this point, Little Girl likes to make lots of grunts, hums, and sounds as she eats. I don't think I'm that noisy, but, hey, if the Wife says I'm noisy, then I guess I'm noisy.

Propensity for her hands to be up by her head: Dad - Before the miracle blanket, her arms would always be up by her face or next to her head. I sleep with my arms up by if not over my head. Squeaky toy noises and sleep position both reflect Dad.

In the end, there is no doubt that Nyla is a beautiful blend of Mom and Dad. I mean, just look at this face. Is that not both of us?


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