Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Been a Looooooong 24 Hours

Good Monday afternoon, our readers, at least I sure hope it is Monday afternoon, because quite frankly, the last 24 hours have been long, tiring, and a little scary.

Let's get to the good news - Baby Nyla is still cooking and still kicking. With that out of the way, our story begins last night. We had just finished up a nice dinner with Ginny's parents and sister as well as my mom and brother. Around 7:30, Ginny all of a sudden felt a sharp pain in her back. She immediately sat down on the couch with an ice pack. The pain progressively got worse. Around 8:30, after my scurrying around to pack up a suitcase for the both of us, we set out for the hospital. I have to say, after Ginny went back to get examined, the 20 minutes I had to sit and wait in the waiting room before being called back were not fun. After finally getting called back to see her, she said, "I'm in labor. I'm 1 cm dilated." Wow. At this point, I'm preparing myself for a long night of labor. BUT not so fast, my friend. 1 cm dilated was it. No water break, and Baby Nyla was still up high. After an hour, Ginny was discharged with instructions to come back if the pain increased, her water broke, or a couple of other "women" symptoms. Oh yeah, she got 10 mg of Ambien to take to help her sleep. All would be good now, right?

WRONG! At about 2:30, she wakes me up (after sleeping for all of 45 minutes), and the pain is worse. On the road again to the hospital. This time, she is now 2 cm dilated. Ok, so we're progressing well. Still no water break, and Nyla is still riding high. (She also is such a wiggle worm or rebel, because the nurses had to move their heartbeat-sensor 3 or 4 times to find a place where her heartbeat was detected.) The pain is still intense, and Ginny is so, so uncomfortable. She finally got some pain medication and was able to grab a nap. One of the doctors in her OB/GYN group (not the one she sees but one in the practice) walks in, tells her she is going home, and that she is getting some antibiotics. As it turns out, she has a urinary tract infection. That would explain the terrible pain in the lower back and the nausea.

After sleeping for much of the day, I am extremely happy and thankful to report that Ginny is doing much better. She's gradually been getting down some fluids, sitting up in the den on the couch, and snacking on that delicious snack of Saltines. Again, to reiterate, Baby Nyla is still in there, still kicking, and still being persnickety when it comes to finding out where she is.

So to recap, we had a false alarm but got good practice on packing up and heading out. Ginny has a UTI. Baby is still cooking. And Ginny is 2 cm dilated. So it looks like we're really heading down the home stretch. Let's hope we don't have to go through another night like last night!

Continue to pray for Ginny and Nyla. G has been in a lot of pain the last 24 hours but is improving. And Nyla's little heartbeat (when they can find it!) is strong.

Long post, but a lot has happened. And if there are any grammar errors or missing words, I blame it on the 90 minutes of sleep I've gotten in the last 30 hours.


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  1. So glad everything is okay! I am sure you both were anxious and scared. I hope Ginny continues to feel better!