Friday, April 16, 2010

Nyla Updates

Dear readers, it has been too long since we last met. Unfortunately, the day-to-day activities of life have kept me from posting on here like I have wanted.

But today, here I am writing a post and giving the people what they want - thoughts about health care reform, global warming, and NFL football players in trouble with the law parenthood.

We're closing in on three months until little girl is due to make her debut in this world. Will she actually be born on her due date? Only the Good Lord knows. Ginny's belly is poking out with her little baby bump, and, like all husbands, or at least the good ones, I think she looks the most beautiful now! And I'm saying this because I forgot her birthday it's 100% true!

Last Saturday, Ginny's and her family's friends threw the first baby shower of the Nyla Era. While I would have loved to have attended, that was the third round of the Masters. Plus, I wasn't invited anyway. Win-win for all, especially Nyla, who picked up some great stuff. The two most important, to me, were the car seat and sound machine. Without the car seat, we would have had to leave her at the hospital. (Note to Nyla, if you ever stumble upon this blog after many years, I was only kidding. We would have moved in with you at the hosptial if we didn't get a car seat.) The sound machine is great. Rain and the ocean are my favorite two sounds. The other sounds are a babbling brook, which just makes me want to go to the bathroom go trout fishing, the heartbeat, which I imagine reminds little girl of the womb but I find to be creepy on a Tell-Tale Heart level, and a summer night, which I don't like because the chirping of crickets and cicadas only make me want to find them and squash them (assuming the cicada would not scare the crap out of me).

Because little Nyla has not cooperated with the ultrasound technicians, we get another chance to see our stubborn little girl April 26th - which happens to be the date John Wilkes Booth was caught and killed by the Union calvary, or our 2-year wedding anniversary. Hopefully we can get the remaining pictures of her little heart and know for sure that she's 100% healthy.

Look for other possible updates over the next few weeks! As well as trivia for bonus points in the Baby-Palooza contest!


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