Thursday, March 4, 2010

We're having a.....

We are proud to announce that our little baby is a GIRL!
We are so excited! (We would've been happy with a boy, of course, but it's exciting to finally know).
(Daniel: As I predicted the entire pregnancy.)

The Doctor said everything looked great and baby is looking wonderful. She is growing and is perfectly healthy. Her heart rate was 155 bpm and she weighs 13 oz. I can't believe she's almost a pound! Crazy!

Please continue to pray that the baby continues to grow and be a sweet girl to her mama.
She has started to kick quite a lot, thankfully she's still too small that she doesn't hurt. Her little kicks just feel like bubbles popping, which is quite funny, and ticklish at times! But I know soon I'll be able to feel them more and they'll get harder. I just pray they don't hurt too bad.

Everything is still on track and my due date is still July 19, 2010.
20 weeks down and 20 weeks to go (approximately)!

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