Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fire "The Laser"

If you've been reading my other blog over the years, first off, let me thank you for not stopping when I wasn't posting following me. And for those of you who haven't been reading, go bookmark it now. I'll wait....

If you happened to read this post in 2007, you know that completing the wedding registry was one of the best parts of the engagement, besides the counseling sessions. Friday night, we braved the wild drivers of the Wolfchase Area to stop in at Babies -R-Us to register for all of Nyla's Wii games, Playstation 3, and video iPod necessary items like diapers, bottles, and butt paste. (No, that should not be marked out.) I'm not a big fan of shopping, but that changes when I take hold of the glorious scanner gun. Yes, I realize it is a portable bar code scanner. But the scanner gun is more than that. It is power. In my hands I have the ability to force people to get me Nyla whatever I want. It is like a real-life Jedi mind trick. [These are the diapers you're looking for.] If Nyla needs bottles, scan. If she has to have a stroller, yep. If she has to have a Twilight poster, the power of the scanner gun wielder gets to say "no." (And I did.) We spent a good hour and a half probably walking up and down aisles, scanning and hearing that familiar tune of "beep." My scanner gun skills started off rusty, but soon I was scanning at approximately a 91.53% success rate, and that was because Ginny didn't hold the items right I just missed.

I also learned something. Babies today have so much more stuff than when I was a baby. While looking through the strollers, I fully expected to find some with an HDTV TV built-in as we made our way toward the more expensive ones. I figured car seats would be self-warming. And a wipe warmer? Seriously? Ok, that's actually one item I would consider buying for me if I had a taxpayer funded government stimulus some extra money lying around. Hey, if people will buy it, I will scan it.

I think Ginny said she is going to register at Target for some more items. I'm ok with that. I really found Babies/Toys-R-Us lacking in 60" HDTVs, a junior girl golf set, baseball bats for when she starts dating and digital video cameras. More scanner gun goodness to come!


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  1. Thanks for the laugh to give perspective to my day!