Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Baby Pool-ooza

Well, I am exactly one week away from finding out if I am having a son or daughter. I suppose that is a little intimidating, but to be honest I don't feel that way. I'm sure once we head closer and closer toward July that will change. And I'm sure come the big day I will be all over the emotional map. Now? Not so much. Just excited and hoping/praying for a healthy Baby and Baby's Momma.

After scouring over family records, computing numerous statistical calculations, and, ok, ok, just going on a feeling, I believe Baby is a girl. But what fun is it if I just say what I think? Let's get some reader participation! So here is the deal, because March Madness is upcoming, and because my family has a knack for making games/contests out of everything, I am hereby declaring today as the opening of the "2010 Official Baby Pool-ooza Challenge" - what is that you asked? Points will be awarded for correctly guessing and/or estimating several key areas of this whole pregnancy thing. The rules are simple: leave a comment with your predictions for the categories listed below. If you miss the first category, never fear! Bonus categories will pop up from time to time with bonus points available.

Let's get to the categories (HT for idea: Jeff)...

1.) Gender - 25 points for the correct answer; 0 for incorrect (deadline for this entry is noon, March 1)

2.) Date of birth - 50 points for being spot on, 40 +/- one day, 35 for two, 30 for three, 25 for four, 20 for five, 15 for six, 10 for 7, 5 for 8, 4 for nine, 3 for ten, and 1 point for days eleven through fourteen.

3.) Time of birth - 100 points for exact time (ignore the seconds aspect), 50 within 15 minutes, 40 within an hour, 30 within two, 25 within three, 20 within four, 15 within five, 10 within six, 7 within seven, 5 within eight, 4 within nine, 3 within ten, 2 within eleven, and 1 within twelve.

4.) Length - 50 points for exact length, 40 within 1/2 inch, 30 within 1 inch, 25 within 1.5 inches, 20 within 2 inches, 15 within 2.5 inches, 10 within 3 inches, and 5 within 4 inches.

5.) Weight - 100 points for exact weight, 50 points within 4 ounces, 40 within 6, 30 within 8, 20 within 10, 10 within 15, 5 within 20, and 2 within 25.

6.) Hair or no hair - 25 points if correct; 0 if not.

Perhaps a prize will be awarded for the winner. So get your entries, and be on the lookout for those bonus opportunities.

Get your entries in! Limit one per player. Void where prohibited.



  1. 1) Female
    2) July 10
    3) 5:00 PM
    4) 22 in
    5)8.6 lbs
    6) hair