Thursday, February 18, 2010

17 Weeks Pregnant (Well a week ago)

17 Weeks Pregnant!
The pregnancy is going really well. I feel great, as I always have through the pregnancy. I'm so thankful for not being sick or feeling bad each morning when I wake up. I know a lot of people suffer from morning sickness and I'm so thankful I haven't.

I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday, 2 days later than usual. I go on Monday's but we had a surprise snow Sunday night and got about 4 inches dumped on us. So that was canceled.

I did get to hear the baby's heartbeat Wednesday and it was wonderful! 144 beats per minute. The doctor said my blood pressure was good and my weight gain too (yay!) and the baby's heartbeat sounded good too.

Everything is on track and I go back March 1st for my 20 week checkup. They'll do an ultrasound and make sure the baby looks good up to this point and if the baby cooperates, we'll get to see what we're having! I'm praying that the baby does cooperate because we already have a party planned for March 2nd to let our family and a few friends know what we're having (I'll post pictures and everything that went along with the Gender Reveal Party).

Daniel thinks it's going to be a girl, he's said that from the beginning. And me, well I have no idea what it'll be. I haven't had any feelings or intuitions about what the baby is. And it doesn't matter to either of us. We just want a healthy and happy baby. Everyone keeps asking us what we want and we don't care! We're praying for a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery (if that's possible).

Keep praying for good health!

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  1. Well I personally want a boy only because I want a second generation of "Wild Boys"!! Girls are really fun, too, but not so get the erratic emotions with them. :) You look great, Ginny!! Love, Aunt Patsy on Daniel's dad's side.