Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby #2 Reveal!!!

I wrote this poem for our revealing of Baby #2's gender... enjoy!

Thank you all for coming to the party tonight
Seeing all of your friendly faces really is quite the sight
Before we tell you the gender of baby number two
Here's a little story – told just for you
Many moons ago in two thousand and nine
The results of that test warmed Ginny's heart and mine
As you all know, fine, fair ladies and gents
The big news was that we would become parents
And in the middle of summer, in the heat of July
We heard our sweet Nyla cry her first cry

Indeed with sweet Nyla we have surely been blessed
Even though at times, we have gotten little rest
Now here we are, gathered together again
We'd hoped this would happen but didn't know when
This next line will make you spit your drink in your cup
Because, yep, you guessed it, I knocked Ginny up
Nyla's going to be a big sister this we know
"Well, duh," you're all thinking, "Get on with the show!"
Boy? Or girl? You're just dying to find out!
This poem is going on too long without a doubt!
It's great to be surrounded by such great family and friends
As you can tell I'm stalling for time – the poem never ends
Let me pause for a moment and thank God above
For our parents who showed us all about love
Ok, enough is enough! Let's get to why you're here
I see the crowd smiling, wanting to let out a cheer
The excitement is building; you can feel it in the air
A poet of my talents is really quite rare
As I conclude I just want to say
Thanks to you all for coming today

So now let me proudly announce our bundle of joy
Is a healthy, developing, and great baby…


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