Friday, February 4, 2011

Dressing up for Church

We love our sweet church, Brunswick Baptist and enjoy going every Sunday.

When Nyla was first born we didn't attend much. We didn't feel comfortable taking her before she had her 2 months shots, as we've found quite a few people wanted to touch her and breath on her without washing their hands or they had been sick, etc. I'm a bit of a germaphobe!

So, we were sporadic in attending church. We did go without her the first few weeks, one of our mom's came and stayed with her, but even after her 2 months shots, we didn't go too often. But now in the last month, we've gotten back in the swing of things. I just love dressing her up for church too. Not that she cares, nor does anyone else, but while I still can choose her outfits, I do! I try and take a picture of her every Sunday in her sweet dresses too, because she tends to get her poop stains on everything, and that seems to happen after she's dressed. :) (She'll love me for this later in life). I do try and wait until after she goes to get her dressed, but sometimes that just doesn't work. So before we leave for church, I snap a picture, in case she does her business in the nursery during church.

The dress she wore Sunday was a beautiful smocked dress and I believe it was a hand-me-down from someone, but no idea who. It had some ruffles underneath the skirt to make it a little big and it was so cute. I'm not too girly when it comes to dresses, I don't love them, so this dress is as girly as it gets with her. My usual attire for her is pretty casual. I love dresses on her, just more casual ones. I do love the smocked, but that's as dressy as it goes around her.

So here are a couple of pictures from Sunday.

Funny, chunky face. I love her!

Sweet girl!

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