Monday, January 17, 2011

Bath Time Fun!

A few weeks ago I bought Nyla a new rubber duck bath tub with some of the Christmas money she was given. It sits in our bath tub and is the perfect size for our sweet girl. I got it from Target for about $12. I know I could just sit her in the big tub, but it's so big to me and she's still not sitting up perfectly and she would fall and hit her head and this just saves us from the tears and from me having to hold onto her while she plays.
She loves this duck. We throw her bath toys in there with her and she just splashes and grabs the toys and has a great time. Washing her hair is a little more challenging for me since she isn't leaned back, but we manage. I just love seeing her smiles as she splashes and plays. Enjoy the pictures!

Checking out the tub.

Chewing on the puffer fish.

She loves her "Tommy Turtle" book. It squeaks too.

P.S. Pediatrician appointment on Friday went great. She is growing like a weed and developing wonderfully! She is 18 pounds and 7 ounces (almost 9 pounds exactly gained from birth) and 28.5 inches long (7.5 inches longer than from birth). She is 90th percentile in weight, or the weight of a 9 month old. And her length is literally off the charts. Our Pediatrician showed us and the line is down and Nyla is way above it, it's hilarious. She is the length of an 11 month old. Needless to say, we're now in 12 month pajamas. She can still fit into 6-9 month pants and some 9 month onsies, but not for long. We think her torso may be longer tan her legs, that's why she needs 12 month pajamas. We're just thankful for a big, strong, healthy baby girl. She's more active everyday and we expect her to start crawling any day now! Fun times are ahead for the Gafford Family!!!

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