Wednesday, January 12, 2011

23 and 24 weeks and a trip to LeBonheur

We have ALL been sick in this house. Thankfully we're getting over it. First Daniel got sick the Friday before Christmas, then I got sick the Wednesday before Christmas and didn't get to hold my baby girl until Christmas day. It was a tough week and tough Christmas!

We thought we were all better, then the Thursday after Christmas Nyla came down with a high fever of 102.8 and it wouldn't go away. We called the Pediatrician on call at our office that night and she was concerned Nyla had the flu (a cousin she was around the previous Monday had the flu) and we should take her to the hospital. So off to LeBonheur we go and we're there from 1-5 a.m., yikes!

Long story short, Nyla tested negative for RSV and the flu, the short term test, but the next Monday we got a call that the long term test came back positive for the flu, strain B. Thankfully, it's a very mild strain with high fever and vomiting as symptoms. She only had high fever, was very congested and her face was runny. Her eyes watered, her nose ran and she continued to drool.

She is a definitely better. She's still a little junky, but thankfully no fever in days!

Here are a couple of pictures from that night.

Lots of drool and in her hospital gown. Yes, they have baby hospital gowns and they're really sweet.

Chunky legs. She wouldn't let me put her down. She only wanted to snuggle with me and not her sweet Daddy. My arms were exhausted after holding her for basically 4 hours.

Before she got sick, her 23 and 24 weeks old. We were late in taking these because we were sick and kept forgetting.

Looking up at Daddy.

Sweet baby!

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