Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 weeks old and our first family trip!

Tomorrow we leave to go to Griffin, Georgia (45 minutes South of Atlanta) to visit my Grandparents. My mom is going with us (it's her parents) so we can all visit them together and we're so excited!
Daniel and I will be using this as a family vacation and going shopping in Atlanta and eating at Mellow Mushroom and having dessert at The Cheesecake Factory, mmmmmm!
We're hoping and praying Nyla does great in the car for about 9 hours. We stop a ton so she'll get fed and changed and played with while we stop at rest areas. She'll need to stretch her legs too! We just hope she'll sleep in the car some, otherwise it won't be much fun!

And Nyla turned 12 weeks yesterday! Man, time with her just flies by. We have the best time together everyday, even when she's fussy. I'm enjoying every second of everyday with her because I know she's growing so fast and I can't get enough of her. She's so fun!
We eagerly await Daddy's arrival home afternoon so we can play with him too. I am blessed beyond words to have a wonderful, loving and supportive husband and a healthy and super sweet and super cute baby girl. God is amazing!

So here's her 12 week pictures! She's growing right before our eyes!

Talking to Daddy!

Mommy, you're funny!

Getting sleepy!

She's not sure about this!


Sidenote: Any nut jobs looking to break into our house this weekend, nice try, we have a house sitter and wonderful neighbors who will call the Police! So, don't even think about it!

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