Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Schedules, Sleep, and Star Wars

Well, hello again, dear readers. I trust that you had a relaxing, enjoyable, cooking-out Labor Day. We did, although our little one was more interested in seeing family than sleeping, which led to a less-than-happy baby at times. Oh well, our little spirited girl just has to know what is going on, and that's ok.

Babies are smarter than anyone gives them credit for - of this I am convinced. Meaning to talk like Yoda, I am not; continue typing I will. Anyways, my little daughter is smart. Three weeks ago we started walking in the evenings, interrupting her normal nap time. Once we decided to change that so Mom could walk in the mornings and I could exercise in the evenings, our little nimbus cloud still wanted to be up rather than go to sleep, which she had done prior to walking. This made for some long afternoons and evenings recently. Monday evening, G and I sat down and ironed out a schedule for all of us - giving plenty of time for Mom and Dad as well as spreading out Ny's naps better. Per the Baby Whisperer, it usually takes at 3-5 days for schedule changes to take effect. Tuesday was definitely a struggle, since Ny was up for a while that afternoon and evening. Yesterday was much better. I even got her down for an almost 2-hour nap in the evening! And they all rejoiced! (yay)

While the adventures of trying to get naps in, especially during the afternoon/evening, can be tiresome, what isn't tiresome is the fact that 4 of the last 5 nights, including the last 3 in a row, Ny has slept all night! By all night, I mean we feed her around 9:30 one last time (to tank her up), put her down before 10, and don't hear from her until after 6. That, my friends, is a blessing!

Have a great Thursday!


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