Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I Couldn't Live Without (Daddy Edition)

Since Mom posted her list, I figured, "Why not post my own list?"

1. Ear plugs - These come in handy when baby is crying in the middle of the night...

No, no, no! I am completely joking! Don't leave nasty comments on here. I'm kidding. She does great at night!

1. Wifey/Mommy - Yes, I'll go ahead and get the cheesy one out of the way, but G is the best. She is so good with Nyla and is very patient with her. I'm also very thankful that she takes care of the overnight feeding, letting me rest up for work. I'm also thankful that she turns off the baby monitor when this overnight feeding occurs.

2. Post-delivery vacation - Little Girl was born on a Tuesday, and I was able to take the rest of the week off work. We got home on a Thursday, and it was nice to have that Friday off to relax to get adjusted to life with a third person in the home.

3. Working from home - I have said this before, but I am very thankful and appreciative that I had the ability to "telecommute" the week after we got home. My bosses were very understanding in allowing me to do this. With G not being able to get around well, I could run to the rescue when needed.

4. Naps - A good rule of thumb for you soon-to-be parents? Try to get in a nap at some point during that first week or two. "Sleep when baby sleeps" is great advice. I think every afternoon or evening during that first week and a half I was at home, I took an evening nap. G grabbed a nap in the afternoon. If nothing else (and if your spouse is ok with it), just go in your room, close the door, turn off the baby monitor, and relax for an hour or so. Though I do recommend falling asleep.

5. The Miracle Blanket - I'll go ahead and second what G posted about this. I would love for sweet Nyla to sleep with her arms and hands up around her head, but she would not sleep too well. This blanket is great. And though Nyla has found ways to get her arms and legs free, it is not very often and about the time she would need to wake up and feed anyway. Miracle Blanket, I salute you.

6. Meals brought to us - Yeah, it's selfish, but when you've been running on low sleep for a few days, cooking is the last thing on your mind. G was in no position anyway to cook anything. I'm glad we had family and friends who brought us meals those first two weeks. What was great, too, is that we were able to portion out and freeze the leftovers. When I went back to work, I had a good supply of lunches to take.

7. Sound machine - Whether or not this actually helps Baby sleep is up for debate, but count me as someone who thinks she is comforted by the sound of a heartbeat. Also count me as someone who could never sleep to the sound of a beating heart.

8. Family close by - G's parents are 15 minutes away, and my mom is a mile and a half away. Translation? If G and I need to get for an hour or two to go to dinner, go to church, go shopping, or just need to get out, both grandmothers have to have their arms twisted are eager to come watch Little Girl.

I'm sure there are several other items I can add to this list, but these 8 are the ones that immediately came to mind.

As new parents, what are thing you couldn't live without?


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