Sunday, June 6, 2010

On Baby Showers and Houses

Well, dear readers, your friend Daniel is back to captain this post on a Sunday morning. Ginny is still asleep, and I'm awake.

As Ginny's last post explained, we have become homeowners. Work is progressing nicely on the house, and the professional work should be completed this Wednesday, at which point the non-professionals (yours truly and whoever else I can get to work for free), will come in to finish the painting of the hall and master bedroom. Note to all married women, if you don't want to help move, paint, and do a lot of work for the house, get pregnant. Anyway, we plan to move in two weekends from now, which is the weekend of the U.S. Open golf tournament. Not ideal, I know, but the tournament is at Pebble Beach on the left coast, meaning a later start and finish to coverage. Both of us are excited to get into our own place, and Nyla is especially excited to have her own room, at least that what I would imagine.

Speaking of Nyla, Ginny and the Giant Baby Nyla will be 34 weeks Monday. 6 weeks until the due date... wow! At the 32-week appointment, Ginny's belly measured 34 weeks. Our little girl continues to be above average (I never had any doubt of course). At 28 weeks, her weight was estimated at 3 lbs 1 oz. By this point, babies gain about an ounce a day, so if you figure one ounce gained per day for 6 weeks, that's 42 days --> 42 ounces, or 2 lbs 10 oz. So she is already at 5 pounds 11 oz, give or take a few ounces. Of course, with Ginny continuing to measure ahead, she could be larger. Watching Nyla move around in Ginny's belly is pretty cool. It never fails that every night, when we get in bed to read, the wave pool in her belly starts. What she does in there I have no idea. I imagine she's working on her jump shot or backswing.

Anyway, the last two days Nyla has been spoiled rotten, first my co-workers Friday, then my family and friends yesterday. Better for other people to spoil her than me though. I'm sure G will be along later with some pictures of her room and goodies we have received.

While we're on the topic of showers, can I just say that being the one to open the presents is a big responsibility? Both Friday and Saturday, I would open the presents and show the gift off for all to see. The problem? Several times, the clothes were either backwards, upside down, or some other variation. I had better figure out how they go on before I try and put Nyla's head through a pants leg. I'm sure she'll let me know if I'm doing something wrong!

That's all for now. We'll try and keep this updated a little better. We have been busy with doctor visits, house searches, and trying to stop the Gulf oil spill. (Ok, that last one isn't true, but I wouldn't have to work ever again if I could be the one to stop it.)


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