Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look Who's Thinking - Part I

Do you ever wonder if babies think in the womb? Let's go even further. Do you ever wonder if babies think out loud in the womb? Let's face it - there's not a lot for them to do. They have a lot of time to contemplate life. They have a lot of time to just float and think. I mean, what would you if you were holed up in a balloon for 9 months with limited light and not a lot of sound? You'd think, right? Of course you would.

Fortunately for all of you readers out there, I have obtained, after many years of practicing mental telepathy and Vulcan mind-melding and finally putting them into practice, a transcript of our baby's mental journal. Not wanting to reveal too much, Baby has asked me to use only certain dates and entries. I, not wanting to make Baby angry before birth and therefore set the parent/child relationship off on the wrong foot, will respectfully adhere to these limitations. With that said, it's time to go inside the mind of the baby!

November 16, 2009: It is quite dark and wet in this place. But the warmth and coziness make this a nice place. Other than that, I don't much else. Going to rest now.

December 1, 2009: Still dark, still wet. I am tired of floating. I hope soon I will be free. Happy I am still warm however. Heard this faint voice talking about how little I was. I also could make out "July 19" - which to me means nothing. Will revisit this later.

(Editor's note: First ultrasound done this day.)

December 24, 2009: Dark. Wet. Warm. Feeling festive. Heard faint voice called "Daddy" talk about something called a "Kentucky bib." I've heard that word "Kentucky" before. That same Daddy voice talks about it a lot. He also can be loud sometimes when talking about them. I think he's a little weird.

(Editor's note: I cannot deny any of this.)

January 31, 2010: This dark, wet thing isn't going away, so I might as well deal with it. But it's still warm, except for the occasional draft I'm feeling right now. And it's awfully bumpy, too. Not sure I like this.

(Editor's note: Late-January ice/snow storm. Baby is referring to us trying to re-create the X Games at G's parents' house.)

February 10, 2010: Little uncomfortable here. I think it's because Mommy is uncomfortable with all the poking and prodding at this doctor place. Why can't they just leave her alone? I hope Daddy has to go through this, too, since apparently he had a part in me.

February 20, 2010: Daddy talked to me again. He does that a lot. He sounds nice. But again, what's with all the "Kentucky" stuff? Am I going to like "Kentucky"?

(Editor's note: Yes, Baby, you will.)

I would like to thank Baby for the insight in the womb. Hopefully, I will be able to obtain more information - if Baby cooperates.


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  1. Your ramblings remind me of a teacher telling me once about an incident of distress occurring during delivery and the dad began singing and reciting Psalms as he had done nearly every night during the pregnancy; the result was a lowering heart rate and smooth birth. Amazing, huh? So be careful what you say around your child, DCG!!